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Why Does Grout Turn Black and What Can I Do About It?

You loved how fresh and new your tile looked when you moved into your home, but now your grout looks old, dirty and like it’s turning black. Some people may think that they haven’t cleaned their floors well enough but there could be a couple of reasons why your grout could be turning black. Fortunately, there is an easy solution to fix the problem.

Why Does Tile Grout Turn Black?

If your grout has turned dark or black, it is likely just dirt. However, if you are regularly washing your floors, you may question why they would turn black. Some people do not realize that washing floors in a certain way can be contributing to the problem. The dirt is washed from the tiles and then collects into the porous grout joints. A film of dirt and cleaning solution is then left in the grout joint which then builds up each time you clean your floors. Avoid using too much solution or water when cleaning your floors. Also, try to avoid using ammonia-based cleaners and bleach that can discolor your grout. Rinsing your floors with just a small amount of water immediately after cleaning them can help remove the film and maintain a clean grout color. In some instances, grout can even become permanently stained and sometimes all your daily cleaning will not make a difference.

Tile grout can also turn black due to mold. Mold usually develops in areas where there is high humidity or in areas with moisture. Mold is commonly found on bathroom shower tiles or floors and also on kitchen backsplashes. It is important that you try to remove mold as quickly as possible to avoid health risks. The best way to prevent mold from developing is to regularly wipe down your shower tiles after each use, clean your shower weekly and to fix leaking showerheads or faucets.

Solutions for Brightening Grout

Stanley Steemer has professional tools and cleaning solutions to help improve the look of tile and grout. For everyday solutions, you can try Stanley Steemer’s Tile & Grout Cleaner. If you need a deeper cleaning solution, our technicians can determine what is needed to clean your tile, stone or grout and use special cleaners and high-pressured water to clean your floors. Once our cleaning process is complete, a clear coat sealant is used to protect the floor from new stains. If the deepest stains cannot be removed, our customers have the option of a waterproof color sealant to bring the color back to your existing grout color or a new color to completely change the look of the flooring.

Contact the Professionals

Stanley Steemer can be the solution you need for your black grout problem. Using Stanley Steemer products to maintain your tile and grout or by contacting us for a deeper clean for your floors is an easy solution to refreshing the look of your floors. Contact us at 888-982-3553 or visit us at


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