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Getting Organized: 4 Steps to Start the Process

We all want a cleaner house, but rarely do we get the urge to clean. At Steemer of South Florida we want to bring more awareness into creating healthy habits as well as a cleaner home. However, the first step to a cleaner home is organizing. We’ve mentioned the importance of creating cleaning habits but want to go a step further and give you some tips to keep your home organized.

Here are 4 steps you can take to organize your home:

1. Take Time During Your Morning
This is where your day begins – start it off right. Give yourself enough time to get ready in the morning on a work day so you don’t feel rushed. Try to give yourself ample time to get ready, make your bed, maybe throw some clothes in the laundry so you can get a bit of your chores out of the way.

2. Create a Family Checklist
Create a fun and interactive cleaning checklist for everyone in your family so they can stay on top of their weekly cleaning. Create an incentive for cleaning and organizing rooms and areas or make it a game where the top weekly cleaner gets a prize. Whether it’s something of worth of bragging rights, competition can get the whole team motivated! Regardless, a cleaning check list is crucial. By writing down what needs to be done it makes you more mindful and will keep you ahead of a “cleaning rut”.

3. No More Clutter
We all have those areas in our home where things find a way to pile up. Sometimes it’s a corner sometimes it’s that junk drawer you hate to love. Try to focus on those areas when you’ve the chance. By reducing clutter, your house will look cleaner overall. Not only that, but with more space and open area, it’ll be easier to clean moving forward!

4. Donate Old and Unused Items
Donate! Save closet space by cleaning out all the clothes you no longer need or wear. Not only will this free up ample space in your closet, you’ll be helping others in need. Also, furniture or other items that have been stored in your garage for long periods of time can probably be donated, too.

Organizing just won’t cut it? Give Steemer of South Florida a call and we’ll take care of you. Right now, you can get $35 off any cleaning service $150 or more. Call us today for a cleaner and healthier home!


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