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Not All Air Filters Are Created Equal

air filters are not equal

The Air Filter You Buy Makes a Difference

When you are shopping for air filters, your decision may come down to whichever is the cheapest. Many people think all air filters are the same, however, this is not the case. Choosing the right air filter will go a long way in purifying the quality of air circulating inside of your home, and improve the efficiency of your HVAC system. Read on to learn more about choosing the right air filters and why this is important.

Picking the Right Type of Air Filter

There are many options when it comes to picking the best air filter for your home that will ensure clean air and prevent dirt, dust, allergens and debris from circulating. Look for air filters that have a minimum efficiency reporting value (MERV) of 13, which is found on the packaging. These ratings are determined based on the filter’s ability to remove particles, resist airflow and the filter’s estimated lifespan. Flat-panel fiberglass air filters are best for collecting larger airborne particles, but they have a lower MERV rating of 1 to 4, capturing less dust, dander and smaller particles. Pleated polyester air filters are slightly more expensive than fiberglass air filters; however, they last longer and have a MERV rating of 5 to 13 because they are more efficient at collecting smaller particles. Those with allergies or asthma should seek out air filters with higher MERV ratings.

Regularly Changing Air Filters Keeps Energy Costs Down

Over time, particles build up in your air filters making it harder for your HVAC system to properly function. As a result, your HVAC system uses more energy, leading to higher utility bills. Regularly replacing air filters will allow air to freely and more efficiently flow through the system. Factors such as your location, seasonal weather and what type of air filter you use will dictate how often you need to change your air filter. If you live in a city where there is higher air pollution, have pets, smoke or live in a high-pollen area, then you may need to change your filter every 30 to 60 days.

Ensure Higher Air Quality with New Filters

Dirty air filters can aggravate allergies and asthma. Having low quality indoor air will encourage mold growth and debris build up in your air ducts. Checking air filters and replacing them as needed, on average every one to three months, will give you piece of mind knowing you have higher quality air in your home.

New Air Do Not Replace HVAC Maintenance

Along with replacing air filters regularly, ensure your HVAC system is working at its best by getting your air ducts professionally cleaned. Air duct cleaning is fast, efficient and cost effective in the long run. Stanley Steemer of South Florida provides thorough air duct cleaning services for residential and commercial properties to keep your HVAC system clear of debris and provide healthier indoor air. Call Stanley Steemer at (888) 982-3553 or visit our website to get a free quote on air duct cleaning.


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