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Watch Your Step: Don’t Forget to Clean Your Bathmats

Our days usually begin and end with us walking in and out of our bathrooms. So, it makes sense to take extra care when cleaning this area of the house.

When cleaning the bathroom, we usually remember to do the following:

• Wipe down counters
• Clean in and around the sink
• Scrub the shower floor
• Empty the trash

You may think you’re all finished once you’ve checked off all of the above, however, if you’re forgetting to clean your bathmats then you haven’t finished yet. At Stanley Steemer, we have found that bathmats are usually forgotten about during the cleaning process. Without the proper maintenance, bathmats can become the perfect breeding ground for all kinds of bacteria.

Bathmats absorb the moisture and dirt that our feed leave behind. Due to the mat being on the ground, there is little room for breathability. This prevents most bathmats from ever becoming dry between bathroom visits. An ongoing state of dampness provides a breeding ground for bacteria and mold. It is highly recommended that you wash and clean your bathmats on a routine basis.

However, in specific situations, it may be best to replace your bath mats entirely. Though this is not always a welcome idea, it can oftentimes provide the perfect opportunity to redecorate and add new energy to your bathroom.

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