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Spring Cleaning Begins

It’s that time of year South Florida! Spring cleaning can be a grueling undertaking but it’s an important one. After a long year of activity, kids running, dust flying, and our pets being, well, themselves, it’s time to thoroughly cleanse and refresh. Especially if you suffer from allergies. Steemer of Baton Rouge is here to help you simplify the process so we can make this year’s spring cleaning a breeze.

• Make a Schedule
First things first, make a schedule. Spring cleaning can be a lengthy process depending on how thorough you plan to be. In any situation, creating a schedule is a must. Rather than walking around and finding things to clean as you go, jot down a list you will follow in order to keep yourself on a simple path and so that nothing gets overlooked.

• Clearing Out Dust
Use a HEPA filter vacuum to easily remove dust particles rather than dispersing them. If you’re dealing with surface grime use a solvent-free degreaser, just be sure to test any products on an smaller area first to ensure there are no discoloration issues. For book cases or shelving you can use a duster to really get in tight areas and for extra care use a soft cloth to wipe down any books or decorative objects. And remember, always dust from top to bottom.

• Vacuum and Clean: Carpets & Area Rugs
It’s best to call in the professionals if your carpets are in rough shape. Otherwise, taking it upon yourself to fully vacuum and refresh your carpets can still be a huge boon to decrease allergies and make your home look new again. When carpets go a long time in between cleaning, they tend to absorb dust like a sponge and, with every step, particles are released into the air.

• Reseal Grout Lines & Wax Non-Wood Floors
Grout can breakdown relatively quickly and can easily be stained. Protect and enhance your grout lines with a penetrating grout sealer, which is best applied using a small foam brush. Those new lines will make your floors, bathrooms, and anything with grout “pop” and look renewed. For tile, vinyl, or linoleum flooring make sure you use the appropriate polish or wax product to bring back the shine.

• Upholstery Tune Up
If your sofa or chairs have removable cushions, take those outside and give them a few good pats to really knock some dust out. If you have any removable cover or liners, remove those beforehand and place them in the washer. If you’re dealing with stains, check the furniture care labels to ensure you don’t damage anything when cleaning. Also, don’t forget to use a HEPA filter vacuums’ upholstery tool for those spots under the cushions.

Spring Cleaning is a process. Stay tuned in all month for the best cleaning tips from your friends at Steemer of South Florida.


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