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How Often do You Change Your Air Filter?

Your home air filter may not seem like a crucial part of your air conditioning system, but your filter is essential to the effectiveness and efficiency of your entire HVAC unit. Dirty air filters can contribute to unhealthy indoor air quality, wasted energy usage and costly repairs or system replacements. By doing this one simple task regularly, you are improving your home and your health. So how often should you change your home air filter?

When to Change Your Home Air Filter

There are many factors to consider when deciding how often you need to change your air filter. Manufactures typically suggest replacing your air filter every 30 to 60 days; however, this number can go up or down depending on your lifestyle and your health. If you have allergies, asthma, pets, or if you live in an area surrounded by construction, your air filter should be changed at least every 30 days. For less occupied homes, such as vacation homes, it is feasible to change the air filter every 60 days in warmer weather or every 90 days in cooler climates when your system is running less frequently.

Why You Need to Change Your Home Air Filter


The primary purpose of your air filter is to keep dust and other contaminants from collecting on the evaporator coil and other components where air is exchanged. This keeps your air conditioner running smoothly and with ease. If dirt and debris are clogging your air filter, they are also building up on other components of your air conditioner. This causes your system to work harder to push air through your home, resulting in higher energy usage and more costly utility bills. Additionally, you are putting your entire HVAC system at risk for early deterioration once dirt, debris and mold take over its components.


According to the EPA, indoor air quality can be up to five times more polluted than outdoor air. Dirty air filters are a large contribution to indoor air contamination, as the debris and allergens that build up are circulated through your air ducts and into your home. This debris encourages mold growth, and when combined, these allergens and mold spores that are in the air in your home can have severe effects on your health. To ensure the air in your home is clean and healthy, regularly change your air filter and prevent costly medical expenses in the future.

HVAC Maintenance Doesn’t Stop at Air Filters

Even though you may change your air filters regularly, you may find that excessive amounts of dust are still accumulating in your home and you may have started to feel the effects of a dusty and allergen-filled home. If this is the case, you may need to have your air ducts cleaned.

Stanley Steemer of South Florida does more than provide superior carpet and floor cleaning services; we also provide air duct cleaning services that go above and beyond. The professionals at Stanley Steemer are certified with the National Air Duct Cleaners Association (NADCA), so you can be sure you are left with an HVAC unit and a home that is allergen free.

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