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4 Ways to Clean and Maintain Tile Flooring

At Steemer of South Florida, we believe cleaning your tile floors and keeping them gunk free is one of the best ways for your home to looks its best, all the time, even when everything else is a mess. Kidding! The way your floors look do play a big part in what others see upon stepping foot in your home, however. For a quick clean, read along for a few touchups you can do to keep your floors looking their best.

  1. Vacuum & Sweep
    Daily vacuuming and sweeping are two of the easiest ways to ensure your home’s tile flooring stays cleaner, longer. The more often you can do this the better as it mitigates the chance of dirt and the like to become embedded in your tile and grout. Avoid using straw brooms that can actually scratch your floors.
  2. Mop It Up
    Vacuuming and sweeping can only do so much when we’re dealing with sticky residue or liquids. That’s when you need a mop and warm water. Don’t forget to dry your floor right after mopping to avoid accidents and to reduce the chance of new dirt building up. Be sure to use a clean mop head so you aren’t just spreading around dirt and causing unforeseen odors.
  3. Mix In a Few Area Rugs
    If your home has entire rooms or hallways with tile than you should look into getting an awesome area rug to really alleviate the wear and tear on your tile floors. Prevent scratches, dulling and even absorb more sound noise in your home by using are rugs.
  4. Grout, Grout, Grout.
    Grout is major player in the look of your tile floors. Without dropping a dime on intense cleaning solutions there’s a simpler way to make your floors look amazing and really get the tile to “pop”. Create a simple mixture with baking soda and water and rub it into the grout. Allow it to sit overnight and, in the morning, just rinse away with warm water. Good as new!

Steemer of South Florida loves cleaning, but we also love inspiring others to create their own clean & healthy lifestyle! Follow our blog for more tips and ideas on keeping your home and office clean. And if you need the pros, call Steemer of South Florida!


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