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11 Office Cleanliness Facts

Although your office or workplace may look clean, but it doesn’t mean that is it. Contaminants such as pollutants and germs are can be found everywhere in office buildings. Under desk surfaces, in the air ducts, on devices such as computers and keyboards, as well as public spaces such as bathrooms and elevators; they all house thousands and thousands of dirty particles. The truth is, although your office building may appear orderly and hygienic, it’s actually a melting pot for germs, sickness, and even disease.

Most workplaces could definitely use the professional cleaning services of Steemer of Baton Rouge, but don’t just take our word for it. Today we curated a list of the most surprising (and gross!) statistics on the cleanliness of the average office building/space:

  1. On average, an office worker’s desk is home to over 10 million bacteria. That’s 100x more than the typical kitchen counter and 400x more germs than the average toilet seat!
  2. 27% of Americans eat breakfast at their desk, leaving behind crumbs and food particles at their work stations & 62% of Americans eat lunch at their desks as well.
  3. Of those who eat at their desk, only 20% clean their workspace before eating at it.
  4. One in ten employees in a recent study admit to never sanitizing their desk. Ever.
  5. There are over 20,000 germs per square inch that live on your keyboard, computer mouse, and office chair.
  6. Watch (and wash) your hands – The dirtiest surfaces in an office are the microwave, keyboard, mouse, sink, vending machine, refrigerator handles, and water fountains.
  7. Men’s workspaces are, on average, 20% dirtier than those of women.
  8. Diseases can be transferred through a variety of items: 75% of washroom sink handles can spread various contagious diseases.
  9. Without daily sanitizing, office surfaces’ bacteria count increase 30% every day.
  10. 70% of office dust particles are made of dead skin flakes.
  11. The air quality in a closed office space can be 500% worse than the air quality outside.

Shocked? You’re probably thinking that you’re never going to touch anything at work or the office again2 but don’t fret. Germs and bacteria are inevitable but by taking the time to sanitize and clean your work area you’ll be doing your part to create a cleaner and healthier environment. However, the best way to keep your office clean is to invest in a quality office cleaning service and look no further than the team at Steemer.

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