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Spring Cleaning: 5 Tasks You Can Finish In 10 Minutes or Less

There’s always something that needs to be cleaned. Usually we tend to get caught up agonizing over major tasks that we expect to take up the majority of our weekend. Procrastination, anyone?

Let us help you break up your cleaning into smaller tasks that will have your home as fresh as ever! Today we want to highlight five things that you can be doing to keep your home as clean as possible, and they all only take ten minutes or less!

  1. Defeat Your Stinky Sink:
    Is there an odor rising from your kitchen sink that is just totally unbearable? With a simple trick using lemons you can defeat that odor once and for all. Simply place a few lemon peels into the drain and turn on your garbage disposal while running cold water. Bye, bye bad scents!
  2. Dust Your Fan Blades:
    Fans can pretty much be the ultimate dust magnets. Hopefully you didn’t find out the hard way by turning on the switch and wondering why it’s snowing in your living room. A quick fab blade dusting will be a huge help to clearing up your indoor allergies.
  3. Sanitize Handles, Switches, & Gadgets.
    Germs spread, this is something we all have known since we were children, so why not take a minute or two to sanitize the areas your hands touch. Take a cleaning wipe to all the knobs, handles, and switches in your home to defeat those pesky germs! Also, it’s a good idea to sanitize any gadgets such as phones and controllers but be careful to use a product or wipe that is safe for use on electronics.
  4. Declog Your Showerhead:
    Have you noticed a decrease in your water pressure during showers? Your shower may be getting clogged up or begin to suffer from grime buildup, which can really affect a showerhead’s performance. Just place a plastic bag filled with white vinegar over your showerhead before you go to sleep and by the morning, all the buildup will be broken down and your showerhead will work like new again!
  5. Clean Out the Car Cupholders:
    We’re all guilty of this, let’s tell it like it is. Whether it’s coffee spilling over the cusp, soda condensation dripping into a puddle, or worse, soda spilling altogether, the reality is cupholders get pretty gross. Take a few minutes to do a quick wipe down with a cleaning wipe and those cup holders will look like they did the day you got your vehicle.

Cleaning doesn’t always have to be the world’s biggest event. Take a few minutes here and there and before you know it, you’ll have a cleaner, healthier home.

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