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Protecting Your Home from Pet Hair and Odor

At Stanley Steemer, we love our pets and know how much you do, too. However, we also understand the headache and hassle they can be, particularly when it comes to keeping your house clean. Without proper care, nasty pet odors can pervade every room in your house. Your tiled floors can even start to look like carpets without constantly sweeping all of that obnoxious pet hair away! Here are a few tips and tricks on how to both prevent pet hair and odors and get rid of them if they’ve become a problem.

Preventing Odor and Pet Hair Buildup

  1. Keep the windows open – letting fresh air into your house will let all of those smells and airborne pet hairs out of your house.
  2. Clean up accidents quick – if your cat or dog makes a mistake, be sure to attend to it quickly. Letting them set in will make those odors more difficult to remove.
  3. Anti-static spray – wipe down wooden furniture with anti-static spray to prevent pet hair from clinging to it.
  4. Regularly comb and bathe your pets – a clean pet means a clean home. Truly stop pet hair and odor at the source by keeping the shedding hair and dirt off of your pet.

Removing Pet Hair and Odors

  1. Pull out the rubber gloves – wetting a pair of rubber gloves and lightly rubbing your hands over surfaces with pet hair on them can remove a good portion of it.
  2. Place air fresheners and odor absorbers throughout your home – while air fresheners simply mask the smell of your pets, they can help. Odor absorbers, on the other hand, actually help prevent the buildup of particles that emit those nasty smells by removing them from the air in your home. Some people put cups of vinegar and orange rinds throughout their home as a natural alternative.
  3. Spray vinegar – vinegar does a fairly good job of neutralizing pet odors.
  4. Use an air purifier – these also help remove the impurities, such as pet hair and odors, from your indoor air.

Too Much Hair and Odor? Call the Pros at Stanley Steemer

Of course, if pet hair and odor has overrun your home, don’t hesitate to call Stanley Steemer, the pet hair and odor removal experts. We offer air duct cleaning and carpet cleaning that will help ensure your home is hair and odor free. When one of our technicians applies the Stanley Steemer carpet protector to your carpet you’ll see how effectively it not only removes, but prevents future dirt, smells and spills in your home. Call us today at 1-800-STEEMER (1-800-783-3637) or visit our contact page.


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