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Natural Stone Cleaning From Stanley Steemer

Natural stone flooring is an investment; they can liven up a room like no other flooring can, but they require a very specific kind of maintenance. Stanley Steemer has developed a cleaning process that is both delicate and thorough and will leave your floors better than before.

Natural stone is more porous than tile flooring, so natural stone cleaning must be conducted with extra care and attention. Our technicians are specially trained to clean these surfaces. We begin by discussing the options for your floors and listening to what your desired results are. All natural stone floors are different, so the technicians of Stanley Steemer make sure to attend to the specific needs of your floor.

We begin by clearing the area of any furniture that may be in the way. Plastic barriers are attached to surfaces like wood or stainless seal so that they are not marred during the cleaning process. We place corner guards around your doors and walls so we don’t scratch or damage any moldings. Once the area is prepped, we spray an alkaline agent to loosen dirt. The dirt is then extracted with our powerful suction machine; we follow up with a microfiber mop so that none of the alkaline agent is left behind.

After the floor is completely dry we use our high-speed rotary machine and a specialized polishing pad to buffer your floors. This pad has a specialized surface designed to remove light scratches and limestone buildup. If any scratches remain, we repeat this process with a different pad, which is designed to remove deeper scratches as well as any dirt trapped in the pores. Once the floor has been thoroughly scrubbed, we use a softer pad and polishing powder to buffer your floors and make them shine.

At Stanley Steemer, we’ve put our years of experience towards creating methods that are both safe and effective—we can help you preserve the beauty of your floors while also making sure that they’re cleaned thoroughly. For more information call us today at (888) 982-3553 and ask about our natural stone cleaning.


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