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When Mother Nature Strikes | Stanley Steemer Flood Restorations

When Mother Nature Strikes, there is only so much that a homeowner can do. Even though natural disasters are traumatic, the flooding inside your home requires an immediate response. Sitting water on hardwood and carpeting will seep into their structure and behind the walls, causing permanent damage. Address the problem right away by following these steps for successful cleanup and flood restorations.

Cut the Electricity

If the power lines are still standing, shut down the electricity service as soon as possible. Unplug any electronics and remove other items away from outlets in case water rises to their level.

Move Valuables to Higher Ground

Take any valuables that may be affected and try to find a safer place for them out of the water’s way. Any furnishings that can be moved to an unflooded area should be taken away. Draperies can be tied or pinned up to prevent the water from travelling up the fabric.

Remove as Much Water as Possible

The most important thing to do is remove as much water as you can to prevent mold and mildew growth. Mold can be very harmful to people and can start growing as early as 24 to 48 hours once moisture is present. Whether it’s the old fashioned way of scooping buckets of water or mopping excess puddles out the door, consider all your options when it comes to drying out the space. If it isn’t raining, open doors and windows so air can circulate and dry up some of the water.

When Natural Disasters Happen Call Stanley Steemer for Flood Restorations

Don’t wait any longer after you see water on your floors, and call Stanley Steemer for flood restorations. Our professionals will repair the damage left behind from this natural disaster and have your floors looking as good as new. Stanley Steemer of South Florida has a wealth of experience in flood restorations, and will use specially created suction machines to remove as much moisture as possible. Our specialists use fans and dehumidifiers to remove unseen moisture from fabrics or materials that need to be restored. For a trusted service in this time of need, call Stanley Steemer of South Florida at (888) 982-3553 for flood restorations.


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