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The Importance of Having a Clean Carpet

The holidays are behind us, making it the best time to ensure your home is clean, healthy, and spruced up for the new year. With the influx of friends and family who come into town for the holidays, chances are your home has been dealing with extra foot traffic. This means those floors have been taking a beating, specifically your carpets. In order to keep them fresh, it’s time to give your home’s carpets some TLC. Vacuuming is an easy way to refresh your carpets, however, in order to properly remove potential bacteria, mold, and other dirt festering under the fabric, it’s important you take it a step further.

The ultimate solution for achieving the best possible and most thorough cleansing of your home’s carpets is by steam cleaning them. At Steemer of South Florida, our steam cleaning process restores your carpets and eliminates stains, dirt, mildew and other potential impurities. Steam cleaning penetrates your carpets on a deeper level and destroys impurities, pollutants, and harmful microbials. Not only does our hot-water extraction process clean your home in a way that isn’t obtainable otherwise, we also take pride in consumer health. All of our cleaning solutions are EPA Safer Choice – meaning they’re safe for your family and pets.

Want to get a thorough clean by yourself instead? Steam cleaning on your own is possible. Various stores and retailers nationwide often have the option to rent steam cleaning equipment. Remember, it’s very important to follow the instructions exactly how they are labeled.

With a fresh, steam cleaned carpet your home will feel and look rejuvenated. Not only will your carpets look better from a physical standpoint, but the reduction of dirt buildup overall will reduce allergies and create a healthier environment for your entire family.

Achieving a cleaner home is beneficial for your health and mindset. Call Steemer of South Florida for a free quote and live in a healthier home, today!


All of the regional Stanley Steemer locations are part of a nationwide network.
Each and every home carpet cleaning service is performed in the same manner, so customers know what to expect when they call for subsequent visits by the company’s representatives.
Customer satisfaction ranks very high with this company, particularly when it comes to respecting private property and attention to detail.

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