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Deep Cleaning Hardwood Floors is More Than Just Mopping

Your hardwood floors take in a lot of wear and tear over time from pets, spills, traffic, high-heeled shoes and furniture. This can dull the appearance of your floors and wear away at their finish. A truly deep clean for your hardwood floors requires more than just mopping.  To keep your hardwood floors in their best condition, follow the tips below.

Choosing the Appropriate Cleaning Product

Determining how your floors should be cleaned depends on the type of wood and the finish applied. Whether its oak, maple, mesquite, bamboo or engineered hardwood, will dictate how you clean the floors. There are water based, oil based, acid cured and moisture cured surface finishes, which can be damaged with the wrong cleaning product. We recommend our Neutral PH Wood Floor Cleaner.  Protect your hardwood floors and your wallet by consulting a professional or your installer when choosing the right cleaning product.

Basic Care Only Cleans the Surface

Dusting and mopping hardwood floors will pick up visible dust, dirt and pet hair, but will not get into the pores of the wood for a deep clean.  Scrubbing and mopping will physically wear you out and only get you so far because dirt, dust, bacteria and dander can be impossible for the human eye to spot. Tough dirt needs to be properly extracted from hardwood surfaces without damaging the hardwood or finish.

Deep Cleaning Lengthens the Life of Hardwood Floors

Deep cleaning hardwood floors will protect your investment by lengthening the life of them. By returning the luster and color through deep cleanings, you can extend and preserve the health of the wood.

Clean, Protect and Preserve Your Hardwood Floors with Stanley Steemer

For over six decades, Stanley Steemer of South Florida has been protecting all floor surfaces with professional and environmentally-friendly deep cleanings. Our revolutionary hardwood floor cleaning process uses a high-speed rotary brush and proprietary cleaning solution to extract tough dirt in hard-to-reach areas. After the deep cleaning process, Stanley Steemer goes one step further by adding a maintenance coat solution that extends the life of the hardwood. Contact the professionals at Stanley Steemer of South Florida for deep cleaning hardwood floors by calling (888) 982-3553.


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