Air Duct Cleaning

Air Duct Cleaning

A Home Health Necessity

Air duct systems get a workout in most homes and commercial buildings. The transfer of heat or cooled air through an air duct system creates a buildup of dust particles from one season to the next. Keeping air ducts clean and free of particle buildup is a health necessity to keep lungs from being compromised and congested.

To Keep HVAC in Top Operating Condition

An HVAC system that is well maintained annually operates in top condition. All mechanical equipment requires regular maintenance to insure highest quality performance. Heating and cooling equipment that’s inspected regularly and properly maintained also offers greater durability. Air duct cleaning is part of a comprehensive maintenance plan. When air ducts become overloaded with debris and dust particles, the HVAC systems work harder to bypass clogged air ducts. In more humid climates air ducts also collect a certain amount of moisture in the cyclical air streams as air travels through the duct work system. When moisture is added to dust, these particles build up over time and may create a bigger problem. To keep air ducts from this type of build up, it’s important to have them cleaned annually.

Dust Mites in Air Ducts

Air ducts are a breeding ground for dust mites. These are microscopic arachnids that often go unnoticed until start causing allergies in humans. When air ducts are not properly cleaned, dust mites settle into the particles in the duct system. As air is expelled into the room, these dust mites find other areas to nest, such as beds, furniture and carpeting. Keeping air ducts clean is one way to avoid this problem.

Save Energy – Keep Air Ducts Clean

When air ducts become overburdened by high volumes of dust and other residue particulate, the HVAC system works harder to do its job. This generally means higher energy bills. In addition to the discomfort of compromised air in a home or commercial facility, the increase in utility bills for heating or air conditioning becomes another unnecessary burden.

The cost of an annual air duct cleaning is actually a savings compared to the cost of replacing or repairing an HVAC system. The cost of air duct cleaning is also less than the annual cost of health problems related to clogged air ducts loaded with a multitude of microorganisms and impurities.

Air Duct Cleaning – Fast, Efficient and Cost-Effective

Keep air duct sparkling clean with an annual inspection and cleaning service. Air duct cleaning is fast, efficient and cost-effective over the long term. The biggest advantage is the assurance of greater indoor air quality.

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See What Real Customers Have to Say About Stanley Steemer Air Duct Cleaning

We want to take this opportunity to praise both gentlemen from sis who cleaned our air ducts. The men Chris Roberts and Harry Estellus did the necessary work with a minimum amount of disruption to our comfort. Kudos to them and to your company!!

– Mr. and Mrs. M. Helfant

We also have colder air and our breathing and coughing is much better, we feel like were in a new home, Thank you for sending a very efficient crew. I am sure we will be using Stanley Steemer in the future!

– Ellen C.

I should’ve sent you this tip earlier- However, I am very grateful for the excellent job you did here at my condo. Breathing clean air is so excellent. Wishing you all the best and heavy thank you for all your good work here.

– Maria E.